Lab Equipments

For simple and reliable implementation of the lab product series, Pema Scientifices offers you easy-to-use equipment for your modern laboratory diagnostics.

Your fully automated instrument for the isolation of nucleic acids from various sample materials.
luoroCycler® 12
Flexible Cycler from Hain Lifescience for processing of the FluoroType® test systems.
GTQ-Cycler 24
24-well thermal cycler for nucleic acid amplification.
GTQ-Cycler 96
96-well thermal cycler for nucleic acid amplification.
TwinCubator for Hybridization
Manual processing of 12 samples.
TAS-System for analysis of a thermal cycler’s temperature performance.
GT-Blot 48 for Hybridization
Automated processing of 48 samples.
Automated evaluation and Result interpretation.
Microlitre Centrifuge for 24 1,5/2,0 ml tubes.
Digital Block Heater HX-1
Digital Block Heater for the incubation of 24 x 1,5 ml tubes.