Biotech Suppliers

Pema Scientifics Ltd. is one of the main suppliers of Biotechnology equipments in East Africa. Some the eqipments we supply includes; Pipettes, thermometers, beakers, burets and general lab equipments...

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Reagents Suppliers

We are the main importers and distributors of various reagents products at a reasonable cost. Our reagents products ranges from Grignard reagents, Collins Reagents, Fenton's reagents e.t.c .....

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Other Lab Products

Pema Scientifics Ltd. have a wide range of lab products supplied on demand. We always make sure our clients get the right products at the right time and place. Quality and promptness is our guiding force...

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Pema Scientifics Business Profile

Pema Scientifics was established in year 2009 as Pema medical Ltd, with an objective of addressing the demands of an evolving and diverse health sector.

This, we achieve by providing an integrated supply market solution within the East African region. As a professional importer and distributor of medical and scientific products, Pema Scientifics Ltd focuses on high quality heath sector ...

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Medical Profession News / Updates in East Africa

Mercury Hazards Face Developing Countries.

Communities in developing countries are facing increased health and environmental risks linked to mercury exposure, The United Nation Environmental Programme announced on Thursday Jan 10.